About Us


A Tucson institution since 1973, Xanadu performs raqs sharqi and other dances influenced and informed by the movement traditions of MENAHT (Middle-Eastern, North African, Hellenic, and Turkic) cultures.

We focus on learning from dancers, choreographers, and musicians from the originating cultures, study the many facets of dance in those cultures with leading dance ethnologists, and use only MENAHT music in our performances.

We understand we represent this art as guests, and strive to both honor existing traditions and recognize the dance's current growth and development.

Founded by Kathryn Ferguson in 1973, the studio embraces her unique technique based on cultural integration. It is a blend of traditional Mideastern Dance with a dash of Western drama. We teach all levels of dancers.

This ancient art form has evolved into a heart-pumping workout.

Health benefits:

  • Exercise and toning

  • Flexibility and stamina

  • Personal fulfillment

  • Heightened mental health

  • Joy


Who is Xanadu?

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The Xanadu Collective

The collective was formed by a team of Kathryn’s former dancers with the goal of keeping her legacy alive.

Members are: Shimmy Sister Kate, Ashtalea, Bonnie, Terra, Michelle

Our Teachers

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The Xanadu Dance Troupe

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Our founder, Kathryn Ferguson