Group Classes: Cost/Schedule *

Class Rates: 

$12- Drop-in

$40- 4 class card (expires 30 days from date of purchase)

$75- 8 class card (expires 60 days from date of purchase)

$105- 12 class card (expires 90 days from date of purchase)


Monday: 5:45-6:35 pm  Beginner Technique (Taught by Terra or Bonnie)

               6:45-7:35 pm: Xanadu Collective Troupe

Tuesday: 5:45-6:35 pm: Beginner Choreography (Taught by Michelle) 

               6:45-7:35 pm: Bollywood Fit (Taught by Michelle) 

Wednesday: No classes... yet!

Thursday: 5:45-6:35 pm: Intermediate Technique (Taught by Bonnie or Terra) 

                 6:45-7:35 pm: Intermediate Choreography (Taught by Bonnie or Terra) 

Friday: No Classes

Saturday: 9:00-9:50 am: Xanadu Collective Troupe

                10:00-10:50 am: Dance Conditioning and Technique (All Drills, No Frills)                                              (Taught by Terra or Bonnie) 

* All classes include a thorough warm-up to improve strength and flexibility, and a cool down stretch.  BRING WATER (in a closed top container) AND A MAT TO ALL CLASSES. 


About the Classes:

Beginner Technique:  Focuses on developing the basic Kathryn Ferguson technique, which blends traditional Mideastern Dance with a dash of Western drama.

Beginner Choreography:  A new choreography will be taught each month, so this class offers a great opportunity to put into practice what is taught in the technique class.  Plus the choreography will be showcased at our monthly Studio Haflas!  Class participants are encouraged but NOT required to perform.

Intermediate Technique: Expands on developing the Kathryn Ferguson technique; veil, cane &  zills will be added.  Class requires pre-approval to participate.

Intermediate Choreography: A more intricate and challenging choreography will be taught. As with the Beginning Choreography, dancers will have the opportunity to perform what is learned at our monthly Studio Hafla.  Class requires pre-approval to participate.

Bombay Jam: A fitness and technique focused class that offers a great way to learn fun Bollywood style dance!  Appropriate for all fitness levels and modifications will be taught as appropriate.  A short choreography will be taught each month to also be performed (voluntarily) at our monthly Studio Hafla.

Dance Conditioning & Technique: Focuses on technique drills, strength building and cardiovascular conditioning specific for this dance form. 

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