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Veil Prevail with Ashtalea

This is a 3 class series, occurring on Wednesday nights from 6:00-7:00 starting May 1st. There will be an opportunity to perform what you learn at the hafla on May 19th.

In this class, Ashtalea will focus on the importance of technique and timing when using veil in performance. No two veils are alike. Depending on the length, shape and weight of the veil fabric being used, it is up to the dancer to adjust to the veil as opposed to it adjusting to the dancer. If you try to make it do exactly what you want, then sometimes it becomes more of a fight than a flow.

Ashtalea will be teaching a short choreography that highlights classical veil maneuvers and raqs sharki movements with emphases on technique and mechanics.  When good technique habits are instilled, you may find that adding feeling to your dance will soon be more comfortable.

For this class you will need a three yard (or longer) rectangular veil. It is also recommended that you do not wear long sleeves as the veil might stick to your arms and cause you a bit of frustration.