2018 Schedule

The Xanadu Studio is located at 2408 N. Loretta Dr.  (Country Club/Grant)


5:45 pm | Choreography I  

6:45 pm | Doonya: Bollywood Fitness


5:45 pm | Beginner Technique  

6:45 pm | Chroeography II **Requires Instructor Approval to Attend 

7:45 pm | Total Body Stretch


12:00-12:45 pm | Belly Dance Express 


5:45 pm | Intro to Belly Dance  

6:45 pm | Beyond Beginner **Requires Instructor Approval to Attend


No classes

9:00 am | Belly Camp 

10:00 am | All Drills, No Frills 

11:00 am | Beginner Technique 

12:00 pm | Intermediate Technique **Requires Instructor Approval to Attend

1:00 pm | Total Body Stretch 


* All classes include a thorough warm-up to improve strength and flexibility, and a cool down stretch.  BRING WATER (in a closed top container) AND A MAT TO ALL CLASSES.  Please no glass beaded hip scarves as the beads have a tendency to fall off and are painful when stepped on.  Thank you!

About the Classes

Intro to Belly Dance: This class is specifically designed for those brand new to Egyptian style belly dance.  Fundamental belly dance movements will be introduced and broken down, with a focus on Egyptian vocabulary and stylization.        

Beginner Technique:  This class will teach new dancers foundation Egyptian belly dance movements and how they can be linked to each other using smooth transitions.  This class is appropriate for those new to Egyptian belly dance, but familiar with other dance forms, including American Tribal  Style or Fusion.

Choreography I:  In this class, dancers will learn beginning level combinations each week, building to a full choreography.  Performance opportunities are available for class participants. 

Beyond Beginner:  This class introduces beginner students to more complex movements, as well as to basic technique in veil and finger cymbals (zils).  This class is a great option for dancers new to Egyptian style belly dance, but familiar with other dance forms, including American Tribal Style/Fusion.  This class requires instructor approval to attend. 

Intermediate Technique: This class is for dancers who have a solid foundation in Raq Sharki, and are looking to refine technique and focus on “the details” of posture, hands, feet, and isolation.  Dancers will learn challenging combinations, and more complex veil and zil drills.  This class requires instructor approval to attend.  

Choreography II: This class is for dancers with a solid foundation in Egyptian style belly dance.  Dancers will learn more complex combinations, building to a full choreography.  Performance opportunities are available for class participants.  This class requires instructor approval to attend.   

Bollywood Choreography: This vibrant and fun class is suitable for dancers of all levels, and gives a whole body workout while dancing to the music of the Bollywood film industry.  Class participants will learn choreography, and will have performance opportunities.  This class will also work on stage presence and acting which are pillars of this dance style.  

Belly Camp:  This class focuses more on conditioning than technique.  This low impact, high intensity class will help strengthen your entire body through fun and challenging dance inspired movement.

All Drills, No Frills: This multi-level class focuses on the foundational Raq Sharki movements, allowing dancers of all levels to improve their technique and conditioning through the use of repetitious dance drills.

Belly Dance Express: Egyptian-influenced belly dance fitness class where you will learn classic technique & movements as well as drills and combinations.  This is a high energy class, great for your overall fitness!

Total Body Stretch:  This class is designed to increase flexibility, decrease muscle tension, develop core strength and improve muscular balance.  



Class Costs

Punch Cards & Drop In

Drop-in: $12

4 class card: $40 (expires 30 days from date of purchase)

8 class card: $75 (expires 60 days from date of purchase)

12 class card: $105 (expires 90 days from date of purchase)

Studio Rental 

$25 per hour

Please contact Michelle at 520-539-0398 for more information and to schedule a studio rental.